Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Santa Monica Painting provides a variety of services for offices & homes which include:

  • internal and external works
  • furniture finishes
  • preparation of commercial projects
  • preparation of residential projects
  • deck finish
  • washing

We work with any projects and customers: property management companies, business owners or houses, with realtors. Santa Monica Painting provides services to customers from all over Santa Monica Neighborhoods: Santa Monica Canyon, La Mesa Drive / North of San Vicente, North of Montana Avenue, Montana Avenue, North of Wilshire Neighborhood, Ocean Avenue, Downtown Santa Monica, Midtown Santa Monica, Pico District, Ocean Park Neighborhood, Sunset Park Neighborhood. Clients have their own requests for painting or finishing and we are ready to make such projects that will satisfy every demanding customer.

Exterior works

Professional Painters do it this way:

  • Sand and Wash
  • Clean wood with sand around a house
  • Clean dirt in trenches around a house
  • Clean a house from dust, debris, any other dirt by using water pressure.

Step One

  • Wrap roof tile with paper and tape, manage to spray paint under it. This is necessary to ensure that it does not hit roof tile;
  • Cover windows or other surfaces of a house - they are not touched;
  • Put a cloth or other material under a house (under the roof) - paint does not drip on road, shrubs or beds;
  • Restore ground layer on exposed areas of wood and new materials. New wood does not have the basis to apply paint directly;
  • After the primer is applied, it is necessary to apply putty. It is important for cracks and joints;
  • If needed, one may apply Bondo to cover small areas;
  • Paint wooden products, cornices, fascia. Apply a spray for corners, as a brush and roller will not do it;
  • After the first coat of a cover has dried, apply the second one;
  • Rip off particles that fall off and apply plaster if need be;
  • In order to spray stucco evenly and make a uniform coating, mask cornices and finishing with paper;
  • Remove masking parts from a house and check that paint is applied evenly everywhere;
  • Clean a house
  • Enjoy results!

Interior works

Specialists do it this way:

  • Firstly, furniture should get moved to the center of a room (or to a place where work was not carried out) and it should get covered;
  • It is necessary to cover floors with thick paper. If there is a carpet - roll it. Make sure that you have a protective film since we will not bring it with us as it contains allergens and dirt from other houses;
  • It is necessary to cover other surfaces: tables, cabinets, light switches - they will not get painted;
  • Spray the liquid on ceilings in two layers - to get a smooth and uniform coating.
  • Fill bumps and holes with wood filler;
  • Apply plaster on wooden surfaces and doors;
  • Santa Monica Painting mainly applies a primer like ZINSSER BIN shellac on surfaces of wood. It doesn't depend on whether it was painted once or not;
  • Perform the same process on doors and drawers;
  • It is crucial to apply another layer of primer for a smooth surface;
  • When stucco dries it is necessary to sand it and apply paint. Repeat the same step for a new layer;
  • Cover the finished area with paper and tape;
  • Plaster holes in the drywall ( for example, from nails, from clothes hangers);
  • Sand a wall to remove irregularities (dust, dirt, bumps);
  • Use only new materials;
  • Compare walls with the first layer and clean them;
  • Remember that such colors as yellow, red, white sometimes require application of three or four layers;
  • Wash an apartment and put furniture in its place.

Client’s Preparations

  • He needs to move any fragile objects, statues, valuable objects in the part of a house where works will get done (Santa Monica Painting will take care of moving of heavy furniture);
  • Plan not to go to a room where the process will take place - there is no access to it. We will complete work on time;
  • Check that you have sent us the exact color before repairing. Let us know if you need help in choosing a color;
  • If you have a renovation (replace of floors, doors, electrical wiring), please inform us - we do not work with other contractors.